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What exactly are the different types of wool?

“Regular” wool: from sheep. Merino sheep and Shetland sheep produce higher quality wools.

Lambswool: from a lamb’s first shearing is usually even higher quality.

Cashmere: from the soft undercoat of the Kashmir goat is soft and luxurious. (See background photo).

Alpaca: from alpacas, is warmer than sheep’s wool and is hypoallergenic.

Angora: from the angora rabbit is the most warm, insulating wool because the fibres are hollow.

Mohair: from the angora goat (a little confusing). Is lightweight but durable.

Camelhair: from the bactrian (2 humps) camel, is usually used for coats rather than sweaters.

Silk: from the mulberry silk worm, so not strictly a wool, but can be woven into a soft yarn.

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